Revlon Photoready Palette Graffiti

Our first review – one of my favourite products Revlon photoready palette shade Graffiti 510

Its a fabulous 5 step palette including primer, eyeshadow for lid, brow and crease and finished with a little sparkle if you want it together with 2 double ended applicators.  The texture of the colour is a light powder, super easy to apply and blend with a high concentration of colour.  I recommend using eyeshadow brushes when applying this though rather than the supplied applicators as they tend to collect too much which can have a drastic impact when it comes to the crease colour.

The case has step by step instructions on the back for what goes where and you can see below the swatches for each of the shades although the white sparkle top coat doesn’t really show up. It a gives a great day look if you don’t add the sparkle top coat as its all very neutral and then of course sparkle away for a night out.

Its in the mid price range at £5.75 but I think for a complete eye colour kit its a good price plus it lasts well. I use mine regularly and as you can see from the photo below (right) that there is plenty of life left in it.

If I’ve convinced you that you’ll love this as much as I do then its available to buy on our website here 

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